Playaholics has merged with Fizzy
Playaholics is leaving the building...

We started Playaholics in 2002 with just a couple of games and it just grew and grew, taking on a bit of a mind of it's own. The early popular games like Way of the Exploding Stick and Boat Rider really got the site going and then Lightning Break, Lightning Pool and Driving Mad came along and we new we were on a roller coaster. Then more recently, Hawaiian Runner, Lightning Pool 2, Swords and Sandals, and Battle Pool took the site to another level again.

We'd love to have kept Playaholics going, but it is a big site and the codebase is pretty old now, and what with secuirty as it is these days we couldn't just leave it alone. Of course we could have updated it, but we think we are creating something even better in and so we're focussing our attention on that site now.

Fizzy is still work in progress, but is already a pretty cool games site with loads of great features. Have a play and join up too, it's free.

At this point we'd like to thank all of you who have visited Playaholics over the years, we hope you'll have as fond memories of the site as we do. We also hope you'll join us at and keep having fun online.

We'd also like to thank the game developers who provided games for Playaholics over the years. Pretty soon we'll be opening up Fizzy to all Flash game developers so if you'd like to get your games up on Fizzy, please get in touch.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of the team at 3RD sense for all of their efforts over the years in site development, game development, creativity and commitment to Playaholics.

Are you still reading this? Head on over to Fizzy and keep playing!

Yours sincerely
Colin Cardwell
3RD sense Australia Pty.

P.S. If you have any questions, any issues or concerns, please submit a trouble ticket through our Customer Services portal.
Playaholics has merged with Fizzy